Research and Publications

In the Social Perception Lab, we investigate a number of questions related to prejudice, discrimination, and stigma. We are currently running studies across a wide area of topics. Below are a list of current research projects we are investigating.

  1. Sexual Harassment: We are attempting to examine factors that impact how people view sexual harassment claims. 
  2. Religion and Prejudice: We are conducting studies examining what factors impact people’s perceptions of different religious group members and their behaviors.
  3. Intersectionality and Prejudice: We are currently running research that focuses on how different disadvantaged groups react to prejudice from within their own group and from other minority groups.
  4. Girls/Women and STEM: Our lab works closely with Tulane’s Center for K-12 Outreach to collect data with school children in New Orleans to assess how exposure to STEM classes impacts them.
  5. Perceptions of Political Groups: We have been running studies focusing on factors that can impact how people view both political moderate and political extremists within the U.S.

Overall, our research is primarily interested in how people cope with stigma, how people identify discrimination, how people recognize or avoid information about their own biases, and how cultural ideologies influence people’s thoughts about prejudice. Our lab is lucky to have amazing graduate and undergraduate students who have presented research at conferences, won research related awards, and have published articles in academic journals.

To find out more about our recent conference presentation, click here. To see a list of recent grants and awards, click here.To read some of our more recent publications, click here.