Current Graduate Students

Dr. Laurie O’Brien is currently working with three Ph.D. students and two Master’s students. More information about her students and their interests can be found below. Feel free to contact any graduate student with questions regarding the Social Perception Lab, the current research projects in the lab, or information about Tulane and the Psychology Doctoral Program as a whole.

Danica Kulibert, A.B.D.

Danica is a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate working with Dr. Laurie O’Brien and the current lab manager for the Social Perceptions Lab. She earned both her B.S. in Psychology and her M.S. in Cognitive and Affective Psychology from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Her area of research focuses on attitudes towards sexual harassment and factors impacting people’s perceptions of sexual harassment claims. She is also conducting research on metaperceptions relating to political extremists and moderates. More generally, she is interested in intergroup relations and how factors (e.g., perspective-taking, social interactions, knowledge, metaperceptions, prototypes) can potentially change attitudes and behaviors between different social groups. You can learn more about Danica’s work by viewing her CV. If you would like to know more about project’s she is currently involved in, feel free to email her at or look her up on Twitter at @danicajk.

Sally Merritt, A.B.D.

Sally is a sixth year Ph.D. candidate in social psychology. She came to Tulane University by way of Seattle, Washington, having assisted with research in Dr. Cheryl Kaiser’s lab. Most recently, she earned her M.S. in psychology from Tulane. Sally has many varying interests in social psychology and has worked with Dr. Laurie O’Brien, Dr. Janet Ruscher, and Dr. Stacy Overstreet. Sally has three main areas of research: understanding prejudice through offensive communication, examining issues of discrimination in the workplace, and belonging/persistence in STEM for underrepresented groups. If you would like to know more about projects she is currently involved in, check out her CV or email her at

Tyler Waldon-Lee

Tyler is a first year Ph.D. student in Dr. O’Brien’s lab. He earned his B.S. in psychology from Georgia Gwinnett College. His interests focuses on the processes of stereotypes, prejudice, stigma, and discrimination and their impact on the criminal justice system, education, and intergroup relationships. If you would like to more about Tyler, please check out his CV or email him at

Haley Broughton

Haley Broughton is a 4+1 Psychology Master’s student on the Psychological Sciences Track with an interest in healthcare research. Haley completed her Bachelor’s degree at Tulane University, majoring in Psychology with a double minor in Management and Spanish. During her time in the Social Perceptions lab, she has worked on a project related to political identity and intergroup relations. To learn more about Haley, feel free to check out her Resume or contact her at

Kyla Chenier

Kyla Chenier is a 4+1 Psychology Master’s student on the General Psychology Track with a particular interest in Social Psychology. She also completed her undergraduate education at Tulane, and received her Bachelor’s degree for both Psychology and French. During her time in the Social Perception lab, she has worked on projects related to intergroup relations and perceptions of political moderates/extremists. To learn more about her interests, feel free to check out her Resume/ CV or contact her at