Prospective Graduate Students

The Social Perception lab currently has two PhD students. To find out more about their research, please feel free to check out the Current Grad Students page.

The Psychological Science PhD program at Tulane University is a 5+ year program that usually involves a student receiving their Master’s and Doctorate in Psychology. The Psychological Science program currently has 4 focuses (Social, Developments, Health, and Neuroscience).

Learn about the department of psychology at Tulane by visiting the department’s webpage here. If you are interested in learning about the graduate programs, click here. Specific information about applications and admissions to the program can be found here, and information about the social psychology program, faculty, and graduate student curriculum can be found here. *It should be noted that Tulane University does not charge an application fee for the PhD program.*

If you have any other questions or would like to chat with a current graduate student in the Social Perceptions lab, please visit our Current Graduate Students page.

Students interested in applying to work with Dr. O’Brien can also contact her directly at: